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Make a Pilgrimage to the Official Baptism Site of Jesus Christ

Bethany Beyond the Jordan

Take a Pilgrim Tour to the Christian Holy site where Jesus was Baptised.


On the banks of the River Jordan, in what is now the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is the exact spot where John the Baptist baptised Jesus Christ, the son of God and where Christianity began. The site is located close to the spot where Elijah ascended into heaven on the back of a firey chariot surrounded by Angles thousands of years before. This region of Jordan is the close to the lowest place on earth but is undoubtedly the closest place to heaven.

Book a Religious Tour of the Baptism Site

Take a tour to the Baptism Site of Jesus Christ as part of a Pilgrim or Religious tour of Jordan. Immerse yourself in a trip to visit the historic site on the River Jordan where Jesus Christ was baptised.

Footsteps of the Popes in Jordan

Celebrate the Papal visits to Jordan by following in their  footsteps on our specialist relgious and pilgrim tours. Click here for more information.

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